Simple idea, great experience

Real 3D in your hands

Turn your Android or iOS mobile phone together with Google Cardboard in your entry ticket to the virtual reality 3D world. Start an app or video, put your mobile into the Google Cardboard, hold it in front of your eyes and look through the two lenses of the Google Cardboard. For each eye a slightly different picture is shown on your phone's display. This is how 3D is created directly in your hand.

Look around – be part of it

Show your Google Cardboard where you want to go! The accelerometer in your smartphone measures your head movements and transfers them into the virtual world. If you look up, the image on your display will follow, if look to the left, the image will follow to left, etc. Become part of the virtual reality world.

Google Cardboard is for everybody

Google Cardboard makes no difference. Use it with Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In the iOS App Store or Google Play Store you will find lots of compatible apps. And best of all, it is also suitable for spectacle wearers.