POP! CARDBOARD 3.0 – Inspired by Google Cardboard

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  • AS EASY AS 1-2-3: Up and ready in under 30 seconds
  • COMFORT: Wider and higher cut-out for nose with comfort-fit stepped edges
  • SHARPER: Best image quality and sharpness “Better than the original by Google,” wrote c’t magazine
  • MUSTACHE: Soft foam to comfortably fit your nose, eyes and forehead
  • ONE FITS ALL: For mobile phones of any size
  • READY FOR AUGMENTED REALITY: Cut-out for your mobile phone camera
  • FULL CONTROL: Control your mobile phone with your thumb, while it’s in the Cardboard

If you want, we compensate for the Co2 and paper used in production by planting a tree.

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Together with your Android or iOS mobile phone, the POP! CARDBOARD is your ticket to a virtual reality 3D world. Start the app or a video and put your smartphone in POP! CARDBOARD. For each eye, a separate, slightly different picture is shown on the display. This is how the 3D effect is created, so you can enjoy your very own 3D experience


POP! Cardboard works in with every smart phone (from Samsung Android to Apple’s iPhone) that can install special indicated virtual reality apps. To be sure, if your phone is compatible, try to install an app form this overview: Google Play Store. All phones that are slimmer than 83mm fit into our POP! CARDBOARD.



“Impressive, what you can get with your Smartphone and POP! CARDBOARD.“

“It was a joy to test out MR.CARDBOARD’s solution for Google Cardboard. I loved how simple and refined the product is.“

“POP! Cardboard works better than the original.“
– c’t magazin

“A very well thought through mounting system that beats any Google Cardboard mount and containing a few extras.“

“Intensive: Comfort fit and sharp lenses.“

“5 star rating.“
– Android Magazin

“Assembled in seconds. Feels very valuable if consider it is only made from cardboard.“

“The functionality of the POP! CARDBOARD is stunningly simple and impressiv!“
– Samsung Blog


Our POP! CARDBOARD works in general with every Android and Apple smartphone. To check compatibility you can download the Google Cardboard app for Android and iOS.







Our POP! CARDBOARD supports all smartphones major smartphones.

Short answer: No. We took the basic cutting templates available from Google, put some more effort into this and developed your own version of a Google Cardboard: Our POP! CARDBOARD. This is not a kit nor requires it your effort to be assembled. In addition is our POP! CARDBOARD certified by Google: WWGC - Works with Google Cardboard.

If you look closely you see our Cardboard (old color scheme) here:

The “Works with Google Cardboard” (WWGC) badge and term are designed to indicate that our VR viewer has been certified to be compatible with a Google Cardboard application ecosystem. In short: Our viewer has been confirmed by Google to work with all Google Cardboard applications.







Neither. The size of the viewer is same as the Google Cardboard v2. However, we omitted the bigger lenses and the conductive button to ensure maximum compatibility with phones and the best user experience. Please also ready the FAQ about the lenses, magnet switch and conductive button below.

Except your smartphone and our POP! CARDBOARD you do not need anything additional.

The magnet or rather the magnets (one on the inside and one on the outside) were intended as an input for your phone. If you pull the outside magnet down, the magnetic field changes and your magnetic sensor recognizes this as a click. So far so good. However, every smartphone has its magnetic sensor at a different position. Even if you have Google's Nexus phone, the magnetic switch would only work about half the time.

We prefer to use a thumb cut-out at the bottom of the cardboard. This allows you to touch the screen at any time, accurate and intuitive. In addition the thumb-cut-out grands faster clicking and swiping movements, perfect for gaming.

And yes, all phones and apps work with our thumb cut-out :).

As an improvement to the magnetic button of the Google Cardboard version 1, Google introduced a conductive button as a click input. Unfortunately tends this conductive button to wear out after a couple of uses and therefore non-stop presses against the phone's screen.

As a customer on state: "I immediately noticed there wasn't a "button" or magnetic slider to change pictures - it's just a an empty hole! Then I read the instructions and found out you stick your fingers through and touch the screen - very easy, and probably better than those flimsy magnet sliders that come on other cardboard models. Can't break your finger quite so easily as one of those..."

That is why we prefer to use a thumb cut-out at the bottom of the cardboard. This allows you to touch the screen at any time, accurate and intuitive. In addition the thumb-cut-out grands faster clicking and swiping movements, perfect for gaming.

And yes, all phones and apps work with our thumb cut-out :).

As defined by Google we are using double-convex lenses. Those lenses focus the light due to the double curvature stronger and enlarge the field of view, which improves the virtual reality experience significantly.

Great! Then why don't you use bigger lenses?

Nobody has exactly the ideal distance between the eyes. Due to the higher refraction of the bigger lenses, a slide off-center position results in a blurry image, and therefore dizziness. Smaller lenses as we use them, do not have that issue. In addition, they are about 10 times lighter.

Bikonexe Linsen Beispiel

Left: Single curvature  Right: Double curvature

POP! CARDBOARD is for everyone. Of course depending on your glasses' width (below 13 cm / 5.2 inches is perfect) , you can generally use all versions of the Cardboard.

If you have a NFC (Near Field Communication) Sensor in your phone, the NFC launches automatically the Google Cardboard App. This is very handy the first or secound time, after this it is maybe annoying. Therefore, we omit the NFC chip. 

Additional information

Weight0,15 kg
Dimensions23 × 15 × 2 cm
Compensate Co2 & Paper

Yes, plant a tree for me :), No

16 reviews for POP! CARDBOARD 3.0 – Inspired by Google Cardboard

  1. Max

    You really get a big big smile in your face when you starting opening the POP! CARDBOARD 3.0, it is so nicely made. Although i had some troubles in the beginning (you have to download the Google Cardboard app and scan the QR on the POP! CARDBOARD 3.0 at first to configure your smartphone screem – pretty easy then), it is soooo amazing to experience VR with POP! CARDBOARD 3.0 for little money 😉 Big thumbs up and five stars!

    P.S. I would compare the VR experience right now to like Youtube a few years ago, where we were used to watch it with 240p/480p and now we watch most of it in Full HD. The VR technology (Apps, Youtube 360 etc.) is still at the beginning, but already so fascinating and it will continue to get better and better…can´t wait!

  2. Jay Dubz

    Works as good as a more expensive pair I got for my Dad for a Christmas gift. Lighter, too. Comes in a cool design on the outside with a sturdy, adjustibled head strap. So, their also nicer looking then the original Google cardboard at about the same price.

  3. lasubu

    Overall, very pleased with this little box! This is the first Google Cardboard viewer I’ve ever purchased, only recently discovered that they exist! I and several students have used it frequently and it is holding up well. I don’t worry about my phone falling out. The padding around the eyes and nose is very comfortable. The design is bright and fun. It was easy to scan the QR code and connect my phone to the proper settings. It’s easy to put your finger through the hole and make selections while viewing. The adhesive that holds the divider in place immediately “unstuck” itself. I fixed it with a glue dot, but it doesn’t stay straight, so sometimes the viewing experience is interrupted because you can see the dividing line. I have not used the head strap at all, so can’t say what that’s like. Great product, especially for the price.

  4. Glen G

    Used one briefly this past weekend at UC Davis Picnic day, but my Moto X was too big, so closing the velcro held the power button forcing a reboot – after just enough time for me to appreciate what it could do, so I bought one, arrived today.

    Our kids have had a blast zooming around virtual Google Earth. Does not work with my daughter’s Moto G – suspect its CPU/GPU is not powerful enough as my Moto X (all new 4 months ago) very occasionally stutters.

  5. Amazonian

    Ordered a different vr headset first and highly regretted it. Then finally ordered this product. This is a great vr viewer! Very comfortable, holds the phone pretty securely, and the strap the holds your head is very comfortable and good quality. Very good design and really happy with the product. Would definitely recommend. Yes the finger hole is less fun than the circle magnet some other viewers have, but it’s not bad at all and actually kind of comfortable to use, since it’s not used often.

  6. J.B.

    I got this one for my mom, since it’s prettier than the cardboard and black ones. I immediately noticed there wasn’t a “button” or magnetic slider to change pictures – it’s just a an empty hole! Then I read the instructions and found out you stick your fingers through and touch the screen – very easy, and probably better than those flimsy magnet sliders that come on other cardboard models. Can’t break your finger quite so easily as one of those…

  7. c.greenert

    This is amazing!
    Sorry.. should try to hold back my appreciation on this item. But i just can’t.
    I have been hearing fellow teachers talking about the cardboard world lately in the halls and teacher’s lounge but had no idea what they were talking about.
    The next generation of viewfinder has finally revealed itself and it is a long time coming. The Pop! Cardboard by Mr Cardboard has no loyalty to a particular brand or company.. it can be used by any device that can do the Cardboard app.
    It was simply a process of detaching the unit from the cardboard envelope it came attached to… popping the goggles up in the box and attach the elastic velcro strap and away we went.
    On the side of the box is a QR scan that immediately tells your phone what model it is and how it can work with the Cardboard app you choose to download.
    I have been riding a roller coaster in space, down in the deep blue sea, and even spent some time flying with the birds in the Great North!
    And let’s not forget the attraction that the box brings by the family members. Not even a few minutes of trying it out, my youngest ripped it off my head and spent the rest of the night exploring space.
    Such a great new thing, so simple yet full of the potential that the programmers out there can give it.
    There’s even a series of video clips on Youtube that allow you to experience “Virtual Comedy Club”… what more could you ask for.
    Grab a couple so the rest of the family can enjoy it as much as you!

  8. Joe Murray

    not bad, not great. priced right for what you get.

  9. Jeffery

    This is not Google Cardboard V2. Besides the size of the cardboard itself, the lens size wasn’t the bigger 37mm diameter lens that the Google Cardboard v2 was supposed to have. With these 25mm diameter lens, it was like tunnel vision and did not feel like a vr experience at all.

  10. Jacob Marshall

    Great piece of kit for a great price. It really sends you to another world. The design is nice but there are a few downsides. I do prefer clicking the screen instead of a button on the side. The grip pads hold the phone better then other’s rubber band

  11. 2014rbsc

    The cardboard is a lot stronger than I first thought, which is great as it makes a strong product. I bought it as a present but did use it myself and it held on quite well. It’s good that you can place the velcro parts of the strap wherever you want as it makes it very adjustable for different head sizes. The velcro part that attaches to the cardboard did seem a little weak, and did fall off after a couple of months using it, but it was attached back on and hasn’t fallen since. Overall, a pretty good product!

  12. Johnson Zhu

    not as good as expected, but still interesting. Quite boring because you can only turn your head around.

  13. Danielle A. Dilisio

    Very cool – it’s surprisingly sturdy for cardboard. Very easy to use. Arrived very fast. I’m very happy with it!

  14. Aaron

    I love the design and colors of the VR Device, it works well with my galaxy note 5, and it is comfortable with the strap.

  15. M Ackley

    This is such an awesome product. I saw online where you could make these. I saw them here and saw how inexpensive they were and had to get them. Also, I knew they would be built properly. They come all neat and secure in a cardboard type envelope. You simply tear off the tab on the back and you’re ready to go. They are easy to fold right in to shape. You pop your smart phone in the front in the front and use the Velcro tab to hold it in. Easy peasy. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it worked great. I downloaded a few virtual apps to go along with it from the play store ahead of time, including a virtual roller coaster app. I really had no idea what to expect before I put the glasses on. I actually got a little motion sickness. It feels like you right on the ride. So weird and so cool. . I did receive this product at a discounted rated for my honest and unbiased review. It in no way affected my review or opinion of the product. What a great product.

  16. Peter S.

    Ich brauchte für die Uni eine möglichst günstige VR Brille. Die Cardboard VR wurde mir von einem bekannten empfohlen und ich hab sie mir bestellt. Die Brille wird als kleiner Karton geliefert und muss dann mit der einfachen Anleitung zu einer Brille zusammengefalten werden. Das Band als Kopfhalterung wird außen angeklebt. Die Brille ist an der Stelle, an der sie auf der Nase aufliegt gut gepolstert. Bei Nichtgebraucht kann man die Brille wieder zurück in ihre Ursprungsform bringen, womit sie sich besser und sicherer transportieren lässt. Auch die Linsen haben einen guten Eindruck gemacht.
    Da mein Handy jedoch nur eine Nachahmung des Sensors besitzt, der das optimale VR-Erlebnis (Links und rechts schauen) ermöglicht konnte ich den Spaß nur begrenzt erleben. Außerdem gehöre ich zu den Leuten, denen dabei übel werden kann (abgesehen bei der HTC Vive da man sih hier im Raum bewegen kann)

    Ich kann diese Brille zum Testen des VR-Erlebnisses sehr empfehlen, jedoch sollte man vorher die Tauglichkeit des Handys überprüfen.

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