One step ahead

When the Google Cardboard was announced on the Google I/O developers conference, we know this will revolutionize the interaction between user and smartphone. Therefore, we took up the cause of spreading the idea of Google Cardboard and making it available for everyone. This this moment we invest in the development, design and production of the Cardboard.

It all started with a small batch series that we carried out by us. Thanks to your support and the sky rocketing demand, we were able to produce a big batch series with enhanced design and function. The feedback was overwhelming! After a short while advertising agencies, schools & universities and the health sector started to get interested in our product, wanting to spark their customer/clients with the virtual reality possibilities.

We work in close cooperation with our customers and supplier worldwide, to refine constantly our Cardboard, keep the supply chain short and guarantee the highest measure for quality in material and print.

We are excited about the future! What about you?

  • Imagine you sit with your fellow students in your lecture and your professor shows you a detailed 3D model of a beating heart with the help of Google Cardboard
  • Imagine you walk through the Louvre in Paris, without leaving the house
  • Imagine your customer can experience your product in detail even before it is physically launched. All you need to do is send him an email
  • ...

Virtual Reality is at its begin, but it will become huge and outstanding. Do not miss your entry!

Our cardboards are all made in Germany. All production steps from design & print to cut, assembly and packaging are done in Germany. Further, we donate a share from every cardboard sold to a non-profit institution.

No other cardboard is out-of-the-box as easy to use as our Pop-Up Cardboard. No assembly required, just put it up, fold the lens carrier down and enjoy!

We use recycled light and stable 3-ply corrugated cardboard as a main material, which is more environment friendly than plastic. The Pop-Up Cardboard itself is printed from both sites and finished with a protective layer of varnish. Say bye bye to ”cardboard grease” and fingerprints!